Grow Up, Not Out.

I am reading a book called Vertical Gardening- Grow Up, Not Out, For More Vegetables And Flowers In Much Less Space by Derek Fell. Great book so far for planning gardens, composting and building vertically. Mind you, it does not tell you who to borrow for the day with a saw, a drill, that thing that makes the fun clink, clink, clink noise, when you keep turning it. Any takers? I am thinking of an expansive garden this year. I’ll dig, you build.

So as I read this book, I apply it to my business and more importantly to my clients. Instead of growing out, looking for more, unqualified leads, burn the candle, why not grow up? Think about your clients and all they do in a day. How can you help? What other services can you provide? Scary thought, but do your clients even know that you offer those services?

Just throwing this out into the vortex of content… If I surveyed my client base, I would bet a jar of jelly, (from the strawberries I will plant vertically so they cascade down among the marigolds) that they don’t know I can build a database, implement ERP and Warehouse Software, Run SQL Queries and Data Mine, SEO, Design Kick-Ass Marketing Materials, Consult on Marketing Challenges, Build Apps, Website Design, Mail Merge, USPS EDDS, Hmmm… what else? I have interned at Unisys and QVC on a million dollar installation, worked for large software companies – SCT (now Ellucian) and traveling to England and Holland for a territory analysis for the VP of Marketing, Marketing Director at a Medical Device Company, and even SAP before opening my own business 13 years ago. I have programmed, lectured, trained, presented to CEOs, partnered with Senior Sales…and enjoyed every minute and every ounce of knowledge I could glean. So I am not saying all this to make myself feel good or you to think…snore… but to understand my own expertise and how I can apply it to my client base. It made me stop and think, what else should I be providing my clients!

Grow up within your client base before your grow out or worse, they grow out! I am going to make a few calls, I bet I hear, “I didn’t know you did that, we NEED that!”