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Advance to Go!

I was sitting in a business meeting last week letting the words just flow out… Words that to a “typical client” on a “typical project” were impressive and showed vast potential for growth—SEO, ROI, Blog, Branding, Technology Efficiency… I heard myself go on about organic results, website design and how designing creative marketing content would […]

Grow Up, Not Out.

I am reading a book called Vertical Gardening- Grow Up, Not Out, For More Vegetables And Flowers In Much Less Space by Derek Fell. Great book so far for planning gardens, composting and building vertically. Mind you, it does not tell you who to borrow for the day with a saw, a drill, that thing […]

Say my name.

Everyday we walk in and out of stores. Starbucks for our morning fix. Wawa for our gas. Lunch, oh where should I go today and what should I eat- please may I have the bowl, but just a little bit of rice, chicken, um more cheese, mild salsa, lettuce… Grocery store because you forgot bread…again! […]

New Year, New Goals.

It’s that time of year when the mass majority of us come up with New Year’s Resolutions. Lose weight- join a gym, stop eating so many cookies, less beer or pay some quacky doctor for a quick fix or fad diet. Call family or friends more. Get organized. Whatever it may be, it is important […]

Send a pigeon. Save your ass-ets.

So everyday we learn something new. Today, I learned a very painful lesson. Put everything in writing. Work issues often result from miscommunications. No one ever really wins a he-said/she-said blame game. No one ever wins when you want to believe something bad rather than look for the good intentions. Even if you have emails […]

When is the right time to be thankful?

When is the right time to be thankful? It is a question that most ask around Thanksgiving because it is a time to be thankful. As I write this, I know that I am thankful everyday for the joys, accomplishments, missteps and milestones in my life and career. Why wait for a holiday to say […]

// Houzz yields big results.

When Houzz came on the scene two years or so ago, I immediately pushed it on a few of my kitchen remodeling clients, landscape architects and interior designers. My goal was to continue opening marketing channels for my clients. Not to toot Houzz’s horn, but this is a great showcase for imagery and details of […]