Performance Refinement hired Pip Squeeze Creative to establish a presence in Chester County for athletic camps, clinics, training and refinement. After a few laughs and interesting sports stories among our kids, we got to work. Designing a website that is interactive, event driven and funky was a fun and exciting task.

// Brand Identity

Pip Squeeze Creative’s Illustrator, Mario, went to bat for this logo! By designing an iconic symbol for Performance Refinement, it allows for a unique identity through which customers can recognize the company and are left with a lasting memory of their brand. They wanted something that felt Under Armour, Nike…athletic, powerful and colorful. And, we gave it!

// Website Design

Pip Squeeze designed a landing page for events and showcasing basketball, but due to Performance Refinement’s amazing services and team- it took off. Flaming hot and shooting for the stars. So, Pip Squeeze is currently creating a responsive, event driven website showcasing summer camps, training, league events for coaches and more. Stay tuned!

// In Print

Performance Refinement needed postcards and registration forms. Oh, and letterhead, and business cards, and more postcards- we added a new event! Designing postcards for events and maintaining the branding theme and funky and fun personality of the staff. Postcards and other marketing materials were printed professionally using our amazing partner printer, NuPrint.

// On Stuff

Will it be the next Nike swish, boy we hope so! Performance Refinement asked Pip Squeeze to design t-shirts for various events. Fun and bright neon colors set the theme for all apparel.

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