Pip Squeeze Creative creates brands that will become the foundation of all future marketing collateral. Your brand, your promise to your customers. Creating a powerful and distinctive identity will make all of your marketing communication more effective. And that is our promise to you.

Research & Competitive Landscape
Understanding your competition is the foundation of any effective web design, brand identity or marketing campaign. We start your project with a comprehensive discovery process, allowing us to learn more about our clients, their business and their competition. We share our finding with you to develop an effective and creative visual. This process is critical to the design phase.

Branding Process
All great brands have consistent messaging across all platforms. From Barbie’s signature pink, child like script font to the FedEx clean and powerful identity illustrating movement, subtly with an arrow.  We help our clients develop compelling messaging with a style and color element that resonates in their industry.

Creative Strategy
At the start with great planning and identity, Pip provides you with effective professional strategies across the right mix of marketing tactics, from business cards to websites to email campaigns.

Logo Design & Corporate Identity
The first and lasting impression of any great company is their logo. Quick, picture Apple, Nike, UPS. Simple, but powerful. While it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, logo design can take some time and creative balance. Professional logo design can provide years worth of brand recognition, yielding a tremendous return on investment over time. Logo design is the foundation and beginning of a long and happy business-ship. Yeah, we made that word up.

Design Guidelines
We develop business style guidelines that will outline proper logo usage, color and typography. When distributed to all staff and vendors, a solid style guide can help keep brands on-target across a variety of marketing tactics. This will ensure consistency.

Copy & Photography
Compelling copy makes for compelling brands. Photography can tell a story without words. From websites to brochures, Pip works with clients to write distinctive messaging  for effective communication. If you don’t want stock photography, we work with the best photographers who capture your products, story or your face!

Campaign Execution
We develop a comprehensive campaigns consisting of many forms of marketing communication, all with consistent style, tone and messaging. Whether it is a social media campaign, profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Tweet this, #tag that, we have it covered. Houzz it? Yes we do.

Pip Squeeze Creative

// The Process

Building Brands to Capture Customer’s Imagination

Pip Squeeze Creative will meet to discus clients’ goals, research their audience and competitions and brainstorm to develop a logos that are distinctive and memorable.

C // Meet & Discuss

R // Terms of Agreement

E // Creative Juices Squeezed

8 // Visual Strategy

T // Logo Design

I // Feedback

V //  Logo Production

E // Brand Document

// In Print

Brand Message Delivery to Paper

From stationary selection to proof and production, Pip Squeeze Creative works closely with clients and our fantastic printer, NuPrint, to deliver high-end printed collateral.

S // Meet & Discuss

Q // Terms of Agreement

U // Creative Strategy

E // Considerations

E // Visual Squeeze

Z // Graphic Design

E // Feedback

D // File Production

// Web & Beyond

Web Presence
Ample planning and detailed execution is key to creating effective websites. Pip Squeeze Creative help clients through a discovery process to design and development. Delivering brand identity throughout all media!

J // Meet & Discuss

U // Terms of Agreement

I // Technical & Site Audit

C // Creative Web Development

E // Content & Imagery

S // Testing & Feedback